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Dream.  Imagine. Create.

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Welcome to CLW Enterprises!

It is our aim to influence multiple generations in regards to understanding, utilizing, increasing and releasing their full God-given potential, while empowering them to create, refine and impart new potentials into generations to come.



It's in You

It's in You is a motivational talk on potential. Through this program, you will discover that you possess everything you need to be successful inside of you.  You'll  learn how to identify your true potential, attach a plan to your potential, and create an environment where your potential can be released.  You'll learn the how, when, and where so you can get the most out of your potential.



Go Get It

In Go Get It, Chris tells entertaining personal testimonies on how to go get what you want in life.  You will realize that your determination never produces disappointing results and how the changes in environments often have what is needed for success.  You'll learn how to silence the voices that try to stop you from getting what you want and how simple goals can produce great results!


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